11 Kalaripayattu Benefits For Well-being And A Healthy Life

Kalaripayattu benefits

Kalaripayattu, Kalari, or Kalari Payat is an art and it deeply influences the dance and traditions of Kerala. Kalaripayattu martial art is native to Kerala. It is considered to be among the oldest Asian martial arts. In Malayam, Kalari means ground of combat and Payattu means fighting. Let us know more about Kalaripayattu martial art and Kalaripayattu benefits.


What Is Kalaripayattu?

Kalaripayattu is an ancient martial art native to Kerala however it is practiced across the globe today. It is a personal fight training system that includes movements to build sharp reflexes for unarmed battle and skillful fighting with the help of daggers, sticks, spears, knives, shields, swords, etc.

Kalaripayattu is renowned for its graceful movements, Kalaripayattu benefits, and its high-flying acrobatics and it engages lethal weapons at ease. The movements involved in Kalaripayattu are based on the gestures and fighting practices of animals.

Now, let’s explore the incredible Kalaripayattu benefits.


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Kalaripayattu Benefits

The all-inclusive approach of Kalaripayattu and all-inclusive Kalaripayattu benefits has grabbed the attention of fitness enthusiasts and martial art practitioners in the existing era. The benefits of Kalaripayattu are immensely spread across various levels.

  • Physical benefits of Kalaripayattu

    Kalari practices increase strength, flexibility, immunity, and complete health. Acquiring Kalaripayattu benefits makes your body reckless and dynamic helping you get rid of tiredness and laziness.

  • Mental benefits of Kalaripayattu

    Mental level Kalaripayattu benefits include improved concentration, patience, receptivity, self-discipline, and self-awareness. Kalari improves your ability to manage stress, anxiety, and much more.

Here are the remarkable Kalaripayattu benefits:

Kalari practices offer significant Kalaripayattu benefits to the practitioner. This traditional combat technique is practiced for several reasons such as performances, self-defense, spiritual and mental development, physical strength and to preserve the imperceptible cultural heritage of the nation.

1. Boost Flexibility

Similar to martial art training, Kalaripayattu teaches quite a lot of flexible moves in order to protect yourself during battles. Flexibility is one of Kalaripayattu benefits that makes this art distinguishable from other forms of martial art.

2. Improves strength of the body

It strengthens your body as body strength is the primary focus of Kalari practices and one of the top Kalaripayattu benefits. According to Kalaripayattu practitioners, you can never consider yourself strong enough unless you are fit, healthy, and healed internally. And that’s what Kalari does.

3. Makes your body act quickly

One of the amazing Kalaripayattu benefits, it makes you fast. While getting training in this technique, you learn many quick moves. You need to safeguard yourself as well as attack within the friction of a second so that you can prevent getting injured while attacking the opponent.

4. Goodbye to tiredness and laziness

Kalaripayattu teaches you how to get the greatest out of your body. While practicing this martial art you will get rid of laziness and tired feelings. One of the considerable Kalaripayattu benefits is, it introduces you to a new you.

5. Better concentration

Besides physical Kalarippayattu benefits, if you want to improve your concentration, this martial art training is for you. As you keep practicing Kalari, you learn the actual meaning of enthusiasm, keenness, and dedication.

6. Upgraded patience levels

Patience is something you can not learn overnight. In order to get remarkable Kalaripayattu benefits Kalaripayattu training demands an extreme level of patience. It also trains you to be tranquil while safeguarding yourself and attacking others in the battleground.


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7. Improved presence of mind

As you learn various moves for the battleground, it needs a robust presence of mind. You are taught numerous moves during Kalaripayattu training. Also over a certain period, you become able to develop new moves and it happens because of the strong presence of mind.

8. Survival during a real attack

One of the most significant Kalaripayattu benefits, you can handle a real-life attack as well. You can use Kalari techniques if someone attacks you in reality in order to survive and overthrow the threat.

9. Increased immunity

When practiced regularly, Kalari techniques and moves contribute to increased immunity. Physical activities practiced during the training improves your body’s fight mechanism and keeps you away from various disease.

10. Enhanced confidence level

All the Kalarippayattu benefits you gain makes you a more confident person. You attain flexible, fast, and strong physical and mental health. You know that you can protect yourself from any possible threat that contributes to improved self-confidence.

11. Activates spiritual powers

Kalarippayattu benefits also include the development of physical as well as spiritual powers. The art includes traditional and cultural influence that takes you close to spirituality as well. You feel physically and spiritually active.

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History Of Kalaripayattu

Kalaripayattu origin is Kerala and it was practiced by the warriors of Kerala in order to safeguard the land. Kalari thrived during the period of powerful dynasties of Pandyas, Cheras, and Cholas in the 11th century.

In the 19th century, when India was ruled by the Britishers, they banned Kalaripayattu practices in India because of the fear of revolution. It caused a sudden decline in Kalari art across the state. Later in the 20th century Kalari practice gradually gained acceptance as a part of encouraging traditional art forms in southern India.

Kalaripayattu in Kerala

Kalarippayattu in Kerala can be seen in most dance and art forms of the state. Anciently Kalari was an integral part of the lives of Kerala people. Girls and boys were sent to learn Klaari techniques without considering gender discrimination.

With changing times, the position and influence of Kalari have changed. Presently, Kalarippayattu can be seen during festivals and other important occasions in Kerala. Kalaripayattu combat training is available at a Kalari- a professional Klaripayttu training school.

If you want to achieve the incredible Kalarippayattu benefits and its original glory, there are many places in Kerala where it is being taught.


Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1: Who invented Kalaripayattu?

Kalaripayattu was invented by Parshurama.

Question 2: Is Kalaripayattu dangerous?

Kalaripayattu is a form of martial art that can be used in stage shows or for self-defense. The Mrama kala skill in Kalari training is about recognizing the weak points of the body. Using this skill can cause severe injury and even kill the person. Proper use of the Kalari technique is safe and doesn’t harm anyone.

Question 3: Is Kalaripayattu the oldest martial art?

Kalaripayattu is among the oldest martial art forms and its practitioner can acquire great Kalarippayattu benefits. Kalari is popular for its age-old history within Indian martial arts. It is among the most ancient enduring martial arts in India.

Question 4: Can I learn Kalaripayattu at home?

It is possible to learn some basic movements and exercises of Kalaripayattu at home through online videos or books. However, it is highly recommended to find a qualified instructor and attend classes in person to ensure proper technique and avoid injury.

Question 5: Why was Kalari banned in India by the British?

In the 19th century, Kalari was banned in India by the Britishers because of the fear of revolution. They knew that Kalari is the strongest form of martial art that can be used against them.

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