The 10 Best Books On Personality Development Of All Time

Best Books On Personality Development

Believe it or not, books on personality development are like guides in your life. These days people are killing most of their on their smartphones and forgetting the significance of book reading. Books can help you enhance your true self, encourage you to evolve as the best version of yourself, and bring positive changes in your life. Books teach you the right lessons in life and it is scientifically proven that lessons imprinted through reading remain imprinted forever. Here we have brought the best book on personality development to you must read to better up your overall personality and live a prosperous life.


The 10 Best Books On Personality Development To Help You Strive For Success

1. You Can Win

  • Author: Shiv Khera
  • Publication year:  1998

One of the top books on personality development, this book will definitely take you from ancient perception to a modern-day mindset. Through this book, the author helps you grow a sense of purpose, establish new goals and develop new concepts about yourself and your future. “You Can Win” enables you to interpret positive thinking into ambition, attitude, and action to offer you the persuasive edge.

You Can Win is among the best books on personality development that help you develop confidence by understanding the seven steps of positive thinking, be successful by spinning your weaknesses into assets, and achieve more by eliminating the barriers to success. You can also read books on personality development pdf.


2. The Magic Of Thinking Big

  • Author: David Schwartz
  • Publication year: 1959

“The Magic of Thinking Big” is one of the best books on personality development that you must read for inspiration. The book is practical, encouraging, and extremely engaging that not just motivates you to dream big but also provides you with the techniques to transform your life for the better.

The step-by-step style of the author illustrates how you can overthrow disbelief and its negative power, make your mind generate positive thoughts, perform more and perform better by switching on your creative abilities and taking advantage of the influence of NOW.


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3. Mindset: The New Psychology Of Success

  • Author: Carol S. Dwek
  • Publication year: 2006

The author exposed a simple but revolutionary idea after her decades of research, The Power of Mindset. One of the best books on personality development, “The Mindset” reveals how achievement in school, sports, arts, work, and in almost every sphere of human endeavor can be intensely touched by how we think about our aptitudes and abilities.

This is the best book to develop a personality with the message that you can make mindful choices in life and make changes in your best interests by creating awareness about the 2 mindsets (growth and fixed mindset) and their impressions.


4. Think Like A Monk: Train Your Mind For Peace And Purpose Every Day

  • Author: Jay Shetty
  • Publication year: 2020

The author came to India to become a monk when he was supposed to attend college. He spent three years in the ashram and then returned to London. When he met his friends who were dealing with corporate job stressors, they invite him to coach them about mindfulness, well-being, and a sense of purpose.

In the best book to develop personality “Think Like a Monk” the author draws on the time he spent in the ashram and unites ancient perception with modern experiences. This book guides you on how to get rid of difficulties coming your way specifying their true power and potential. The book offers conventional and unconventional wisdom to make your life happier, more peaceful, and more purposeful.


5. Wake Up, Life Is Calling

  • Author: Preeti Shenoy
  • Publication year: 2019

The book is about Ankita, a young girl who suffered from a mental illness and get discharged from the mental hospital. She is studying in college and making new friends there. She does not know anything about her past life and trying to regain normalcy in her life. Suddenly the past resurfaces. The emotional turmoil, insecurities, anxiety, hopes, and a lot of life lessons in this story are something, everybody can relate to.

This book helps you see mental illness from the perspective of the sufferer making it among the most valuable and best books on personality development. You learn the importance of positivity, the realization of self-worth, and the sense of hopefulness from the story of Ankita. The author demonstrates how you can change your life by simply changing your thoughts.


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6. Why Should I Worry When I Can Face The World?

  • Author: Shibu Nair
  • Publication year: 2022

We all need peace of mind but still, we keep worrying about certain parts of our lives. The book is demonstrated around the author’s own experiences. He dedicated a chapter to each problem that we all can relate including anxiety, fear, overthinking, and depression. Instead of preaching, the author is sharing the methods he used to get through the lowest points in his life that make the readers feel less isolated.

This book is a sincere attempt by the author to offer credible answers to the questions that roam in our heads during tough situations and when we feel low in our lives. If you read, understand, and practice, this book can definitely help you overcome your worries. It is among the best books on personality development that can help you bring everlasting peace and happiness to your life.


7. The Magic Mindset: How To Find Your Happy Place

  • Author: Preeti Shenoy
  • Publication year: 2021

The book by a bestselling author and one of the best books on personality development is all about changing your perspective from hopelessness to hope, skepticism to belief, and misery to joy. This book works as a great motivator during the difficult situations we all are facing in our lives.

“The Magic Mindset” is packed with amazing tips, fun exercises, suggestions, and practical pieces of advice on family, health, career, relationships, social media, finances, and much more. The author also shares some inspiring stories and narratives from her own life that provides a personal and relatable touch to the readers.


8. Sulk Or Seize: How To Seize Every Opportunity And Make The Best Of Your Life

  • Author: Rena Venugopal
  • Publication year: 2022

We are all seekers. It does not matter whether we realize it. We are all seeking something with or without awareness – Rena Venugopal

In this book, the author mainly defines three types of individuals, Dream Walkers, Dream Talkers, and Dream Busters. By detecting their behaviors and characteristics, the book enlightens the key concepts that encourage the reader to choose to move in the right direction.

One of the best books on personality development, “Sulk or Seize” is a  guide helping you to know yourself and attain success. It helps you discover how to live a purposeful and satisfactory life. The book teaches you how knowing yourself leads to a life of abundance, prioritizing your time is dominant to accomplish success, and developing good habits allows you to exploit suitable opportunities.

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9. The Seven Spiritual Laws Of Success

  • Author: Deepak Chopra
  • Publication year: 1994

The book refines the essence of the author’s teachings into seven simple yet powerful principles that can be followed to build success in all spheres of life. This book offers a life-transforming perspective on the achievement of success.

One of the best books on personality development “The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success” explains the ways to survive in the world without distressed striving. Grounded on the natural laws that govern all creations, the author smashes the myth that success is only the outcome of hard work, challenging plans, or driving ambition.

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10. Life’s Amazing Secrets

  • Author: Gaur Gopal Das
  • Publication year: 2018

Stop going through life, Start growing through life – Gaur Gopal Das

The author is among the most popular monks and life coaches in the world placing his book among the best books on personality development. The author will take you on a journey and discuss his visions into the human condition of discovering purpose in life, understanding how to perform better at work, realizing true potential, and much more. This book helps you explore the amazing secrets of life leaving a positive impact.

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Personality development best books can considerably help you discover success by offering inspiration, and motivation along with effective tools and techniques. There are numerous self-help books available so choosing the best ones can be confusing. To make your search easier, we have enlisted the best books on personality development that you must read to transform your life for the better.

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