51+ Affirmations for Healing the body And Soul

Affirmations for Healing

We often underestimate the power of affirmations and the wonders they can create in our lives. Affirmations attract the life we want and the things we want to achieve. If we all want to achieve inner peace and strength but with the busy life we are leading it becomes impossible. If we take out a few moments to start our day with affirmations for healing, then it can change the course of our lives.


51+ Powerful Affirmations For Healing the Body & Soul

Here are 51+ affirmations for healing that you can include in your daily life to make your healing journey progressive. These are all scientific healing affirmations and create a huge impact in gaining the right mindset.

I am worthy of love and respect, including from myself.

I am strong and capable of overcoming any obstacle.

My body is capable of healing itself.

I choose to focus on my strengths and accomplishments.

I am in control of my thoughts and emotions.

I am grateful for the love and support of those around me.

I am worthy of a healthy and fulfilling life.

I am confident in my ability to heal and grow.

I am at peace with my body and love it just as it is.

I am surrounded by positivity and love.


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I trust the journey of my healing.

I am deserving of joy and happiness.

I am worthy of healthy and fulfilling relationships.

I am in charge of my happiness.

I am confident in my ability to make positive changes in my life.

I am resilient and will not let challenges defeat me.

I am open to receiving love and support from others.

I am worthy of abundance and success in all areas of my life.

I am strong and capable of facing any challenge.

I am deserving of a life filled with joy and purpose.

I choose to focus on the present moment and let go of the past.

I can experience deep and lasting healing.

I am surrounded by a supportive community.

I am deserving of love and happiness.

I am confident in my ability to overcome any fear or anxiety.


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I can attract positive energy into my life.

I am grateful for the progress I have made in my healing journey.

I choose to live my life with positivity and gratitude.

I am worthy of forgiveness, including from myself.

I am strong enough to ask for help when I need it.

I am open to new opportunities for growth and healing.

I am deserving of financial abundance and stability.

I can let go of negative thoughts and beliefs.

I am deserving of a fulfilling career and purpose.

I am surrounded by a network of supportive friends and family.

I am worthy of receiving love and respect in all my relationships.

I choose to focus on the good in my life and let go of negativity.

I am confident in my ability to achieve my goals.

I am deserving of a life filled with peace and contentment.

I am strong and capable of facing any obstacle with grace.

I can experience a deep sense of inner peace.

I am deserving of a life filled with love and laughter.

I can live a life free from stress and anxiety.

I am worthy of good health and a balanced lifestyle.

I am confident in my ability to make healthy choices for my body and mind.

I choose to live my life with purpose and intention.

I am healing in a way that is nurturing my soul and inner self. 

Positive vibes are coming toward me and I can feel my strengths lifting. 

I can feel that healing is happening, and my soul is happy and fulfilled. 

I am learning and making myself strong to overcome every difficulty. 

My journey of healing is progressing better than I thought. 

I am in a better space and everything around me is helpful in healing. 

I oversee myself and I can see myself going in a better direction toward healing. 

Healing is possible and my inner strength is helping me to heal. 

I can see a change in my life, I am healing, and my body and my skin feel positive. 


These are the few affirmations for healing the body that can help you in feeling the change and accepting it.

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It is all about the mindset and the thinking pattern. Affirmations for healing work when we practice them in the present form. Instead of saying I will, or it will, we must believe in it, saying I can do this or think it is done. Trust me or not, the Universe listens. Affirmations for healing have the power to change our lives and it can only happen if we think that it can happen. So, let’s start slowly and with baby steps, we can reach the ultimate goal. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1. Do healing affirmations work? 

 Affirmations for healing are very undervalued, but it has created a change in many people’s lives. The famous “The Secret” highlights the importance of affirmations and enlightens us on how saying the affirmations and thinking that they are coming true, the mindset shift will create an unimaginable change. 


Question 2. Can affirmations heal trauma?

A huge population suffers from trauma related to an event in life. It is crucial to overcome it rather than sinking deep down into it. Like the positive affirmations on health creates a change in health similarly practicing affirmations to heal trauma can also bring a change and you will see the results once you practice it with your soul.


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