Aham Brahmasmi Meaning, 5 Benefits & A Guided Meditation

Aham Brahmasmi meaning

What Does Aham Brahmasmi Mean?

The Aham Brahmasmi meaning is “I am Brahman.”

It is the most critical mantra because it expresses reality’s ultimate nature. Since it is the foundation of all mantras, we will learn about it in detail here.

The Aham Brahmasmi mantra is also known as Om Namah Saraswati or Om Namah Sivaya. It is a sacred sound that represents Absolute Consciousness (Brahman). Om means “the One”, and namah means “I bow to you.”

It is said that this mantra was uttered by Lord Brahma himself when he created this universe out of his own body (Brahmandam). The sound represents the essence of everything in this universe, and those who chant it become one with Brahman (the Absolute Consciousness).

The Aham Brahmasmi Mantra also represents the power of creation because it means that we are not limited by our physical body but can create whatever we imagine. In other words, this mantra tells us that we have within us the ability to make something out of nothing.

This mantra is chanted to purify ourselves from all negative energies and attachments to reach our highest potential. It also helps us understand how to create our reality by using our inner wisdom and understanding.

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Aham Brahmasmi Quotes (Mahavakya)

The first occurrence of the Mahavakya is found in Brihadaranyaka Upanishad 1.4.10. It reads:

This self was indeed Brahman in the beginning. It knew itself only as “I am Absolute Reality.” Therefore it became all. And whoever among the gods had this enlightenment also became That Brahman.

It is the same with the seers (rishis) and men. The seer Vamadeva, having realized this Self is That, came to know: “I was Manu and the sun.”

And to this day, whoever in a like manner knows the self as I am the Absolute Reality of Existence becomes all this universe. Even the Gods cannot prevent him from becoming this, for he has become their self.

– Translation of Adi Sankara’s commentary by Madhavananda


Guided Aham Brahmasmi Meditation

The Guided Aham Brahmasmi Meditation is the most popular meditation among the people. This meditation is effortless and easy to follow. It is a very powerful meditation that can help you in many ways.

This guided meditation will help you to relax your mind, open your heart and soul, clear your mind of all negative thoughts and emotions and also help you to feel connected with the divine energy of god or universal consciousness.

Here is the step-by-step guide to Aham Brahmasmi Meditation:

Step 1: Sit comfortably in lotus posture with your spine straight and your hands in Gyan Mudra.

Step 2: Let your gaze travel to the tip of your nose, where a white spot will appear.

Step 3: Repeat this mantra with your mind, “Aham Brahmasmi.”

Step 4: Now focus on the white spot at the end of your nose and repeat this mantra “Aham Brahmasmi.”

Step 5: Repeat this process for a few minutes and then sit quietly for a few minutes.


aham brahmasmi meaning


Aham Brahmasmi Mantra Benefits

When you do Aham Brahmasmi Meditation, you practice meditation that leads to the highest state of consciousness. The purpose of this form of meditation is to unite with the self.

There are many benefits to practising Aham Brahmasmi Mantra, which anyone who practices it can enjoy.

Here are five top Aham Brahmasmi mantra benefits:

  1. You will feel more peaceful and contented in your daily life.
  2. You will have more energy and vitality throughout your day.
  3. You will become more focused and less distracted than before, making it easier to accomplish tasks at hand or during the day.
  4. You will feel stable in your thoughts and emotions during meditation, which helps you stay grounded during stressful times or situations in life that may arise unexpectedly throughout the day (such as a traffic jam).
  5. You will feel gratitude for all aspects of life, including friends, family members, pets and even your job if you have one!

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Ultimately, understanding what Aham Brahmasmi means is a personal endeavor. This mantra can help bridge the seemingly endless gap between happiness and union with the divine by bringing about inner peace and a change in perspective. Translated into English, this mantra means “I am Brahman.”

However, it is not a simple “I am” statement but a declaration that one’s identity is a part of a larger whole. By asserting this philosophy consistently, one can achieve true enlightenment. By memorizing this phrase, acknowledging its meaning and truly living it each day, we can pursue our journey to the inner peace we all seek.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1. How to pronounce Aham Brahmasmi?

The pronunciation of Aham Brahmasmi is “ah-hum brah-mah-smee”. The emphasis is on the second syllable of each word: “ah-HUM BRAH-mah-smee”.

Question 2. Who said Aham Brahmasmi?

While there is no specific person who is credited with saying “Aham Brahmasmi”, the phrase is considered to be a fundamental concept in Hindu philosophy and is often used in spiritual practices such as meditation and self-inquiry.

The phrase “Aham Brahmasmi” is a declaration of the ultimate truth of the self. It means “I am Brahman,” where Brahman refers to the ultimate reality or universal consciousness that is the source of all existence.

Question 3. Aham Brahmasmi meaning in Malayalam?

The Malayalam language is spoken in the Indian state of Kerala, and Aham Brahmasmi meaning in Malayalam is “അഹം ബ്രഹ്മസ്മി”, which is transliterated as “Aham Brahmasmi”.

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